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Our Promise To You

Capstone Industrial Services' commitment to safety takes the highest importance for all its employees. A project without the upmost dedication to safety, is a project CIS will not tolerate.

Our goal is to instill a safe driven environment by developing positive safety minds throughout the jobsite with all our employees. Our Health & Safety Manager maintains our safety trainings and inspection programs updated to cover all aspects of job performance & expectations in the field. Whether on the jobsite or enjoying time with family, we train our employees to always consider safety first in every aspect of any given task.

Two excavators and underground utilities

Training & Education

We believe that to build a safe culture and overall team starts with education and continuous training. We ensure our employees can recognize potential hazards and how to mitigate each hazard before the threat escalates to a potential safety incident. Regardless of the project type or locations, working safely is a continuous matter that we implement on each jobsite.

CIS offers in-house safety training for earthmoving, excavation & trenching, general safety, heavy equipment procedures, COVID-19 awareness, spill containment, first aid, and much more.     

All CIS employees receive proper health and safety training specific to their job tasks and work environment. Furthermore, CIS offers Job Description Training to each employee to further specialize as they evolve in their career. 

Striving for Safety Excellence 

To provide a great experience to our customers and employees we must do everything in our power to prevent personal injuries & property damages. Capstone Industrial Services has found that the following procedures offer the highest level of protection to our employees and our customers.

•    Continued Safety Training 
•    Pre-Employment/Random Drug Testing
•    Zero Tolerance Company Policies 
•    Mentorship Program   
•    Initial Employee Evaluation   

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Our Stop Work Authority

Our site supervisors will conduct daily safety meeting prior to the start on any shift. They will outline all site requirements, activities to take place, potential hazards, and thoroughly discuss the days JSA and equipment inspection procedure. In the event a hazard is not mitigated, or if work conditions change on a worksite - everyone at CIS has "Stop Work Authority". This authority grants anyone the ability to cease work immediately and will set in motion a reevaluation of the work task at hand and procedures.

This procedure begins by halting all team members, begin open discussion on what potential hazards are present, how to eliminate stated hazards, and understanding how said hazards came to be in the first place prior to resuming work.

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Nobody Gets Hurt

Capstone Industrial Services is proud to have a team that understands that safety is a group effort. Our employees strive to ensure that both the public and their peers are kept out of harms way while taking part of anyone of our projects.

Thanks to our employees, meeting stringent safety qualifications is something that has come second nature to us. Our customers are always impressed with our employees because we will always have the proper mindset, training, and tools to get the job done right.

Safety Associations 

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